Peppy Black False Chiffon Saree

Published: 22nd August 2011
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The black and white false chiffon saree is only heavenly. The splendid finesse of the false chiffon fabric flows gracefully through a woman’s waist and shoulder, thereby enhancing her feminine silhouette. False chiffon has always been a craze among women and this one is truly sensational and breathtaking. The fabulous chiffon saree is aptly framed by a pink and red border which highlights the charm of the saree. The saree has lotus shaped floral patterns overlapping the border slightly. These floral patterns are spaciously placed in the saree. The saree comes with a matching blouse material which is best stitched without sleeves and v shaped neck or with sleeves of medium length and u shaped neck. The saree is an interesting casual wear which peps up interest in your routine life. The prints of the beautiful chiffon saree would keep your friends inquiring more about it and conversations would be frequently directed to your saree which one should be prepared for.

The mix of random wavy lines in different directions gives abstract geometric designs which are rather mystic in their mood. It is a good decision on the part of the designer to use pink and red strips for the border work. The spell binding false chiffon saree suits short women with pale complexion and enhances their plain looks to make them more desirable. The white and black lines and curves overlap each other in a highly aesthetic and unique manner. A woman could wear the designer saree to parent teacher meetings. Movies, get together, entertaining at home and dinner with friends are splendid reasons to pick the beautiful saree. The design makes a woman look slimmer and curvaceous. The choices of colours are simply excellent. The colours, design and the fabric of this beautiful saree complement one another and strike a perfect and harmonious balance.

Black and White glass bangle combination or Red and Pink glass bangle combination would go well with this enchanting saree. If it were the black and white combination, pearl chain and pearl earrings would be enough. For the red and pink combination coral jewelry would be fine. While black and white jewelry or pearl jewelry blends well with the saree, coral jewelry makes a bold style statement. The ravishing saree online may be accessorized with red handbags and slippers or black handbags and slippers. Hair could be let loose to complete the peppy looks of the bewitching saree.

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