Direct marketing : an effective marketing methodology

Published: 29th October 2009
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Direct Sales and marketing is a widely accepted mode of marketing of any product or service in any industry you name. The modern world has accepted the fact that the company which provides the most professional business transaction is sure to live in the minds of the customers for a longer period of time. In direct marketing Company representatives directly interact with the customers and provide clear- cut information on the product or service to be delivered and, maintains a healthy relationship with all.

In direct marketing the sales personnel have a number of ways to take the product or service to the customer. Some of the methods are B2B marketing, where Corporates can sell their products directly to the small business units and vice versa, event marketing, where in trade shows and exhibitions are utilised to spread the product information to a larger crowd of targeted customers, and face-to-face marketing, wherein the personnel directly goes to the target customer and deliver effective presentations.

As it enables direct interaction between the buyer and the seller. The seller takes the brand to the potential buyer and provides first-hand information on the benefits of using the product. The seller indulges in effective demonstrations and convinces the buyer. The main advantage of this methodology is that the buyer is encouraged to clear their doubts immediately which helps them in making buying decision faster than any other modes of marketing.

Direct marketing also helps the personnel to collect customer feedback, which is a very essential factor in taking optimum business decisions in the future. The market surveys and customer feedback are an essential source of information for the development of all business ventures and such informations are readily available with the sales representatives who are in constant interaction with the customers.

Thus direct marketing attains excellent results by constantly presenting the product or services with creativity and innovation to the customers.

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